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at0mic blog

Evan B
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I'm an Automation Design Engineer. That means I program control systems for industrial automation - mainly printing presses and robots so far. I've got a BSEE from Purdue University but minored in Sociology. I also used to work as a Pharmacy Technician, something that I did for eight years. Its pretty safe to say I have varied interests.

I occupy my (somewhat limited) free time doing a variety of things, including (but not limited to) listening to music, reading, modelling & playing a tabletop wargame called Warhammer 40,000, watching movies, talking to friends online, and playing computer games.

No, I'm not very good at writing little mini-biographies about myself.

I am, however, a firm believer in constructive criticism. If you've got something to say that will actually help the situation (including verbiage in this horribly-worded bio), feel free to speak up whenever its convenient.